We are hands on operators with a proven track record of entrepreneurial success.

The Friend Group team is made up of highly skilled executives that have previously built multiple +$100 million brands with limited resources.


We have been in your shoes.

We have sold our own business before so we understand the emotional side of this type of transaction and are flexible in terms and structure. The Friend Group understands that each transaction is different and is willing to accommodate business owners in a way that best suits their needs.


We can close quickly.

The Friend Group is an all-cash buyer, which means we do not need to obtain leverage or additional capital to close a transaction. We are a committed fund from a capital standpoint but because of our structure we do not have to deal with the bureaucracy and layers that are associated with other investment firms.


We are long-term investors.

The Friend Group does not impose any exit deadlines and we are committed to building long-term value for all shareholders.